Second Order: an African Journal of Philosophy welcomes well research articles, critical notices, and book reviews in Philosophy, focusing on core and contemporary issues in Metaphysics, Epistemology, Logic, Ethics, Aesthetics, and History of Philosophy, for publication in the Volume 3, Number 2, (January) 2020 of the Journal.


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Current Issue

Vol 3 No I (2019)

From the Editorial Board.


Second Order: An African Journal of Philosophy is one of the pioneer journals of philosophy in Africa. It has provided a forum for the dissemination of philosophical ideas from both inside and outside Africa. This journal has regularly provided this forum until it went out of circulation after the edition of July 1988. The editorial board wishes to apologise for this break in regular production and circulation. The break is a result of multiple factors, some of which are fiscal and organizational. The retirement and death of some of the founding editors of the journal affected the continued production and circulation of the journal. With the determination to sustain the production and circulation of the journal, the editorial board embarked on the production of this present number which is the continuation of the volumes designated “New Series”. The editorial board solicits your continued support and patronage.


In a bid to project the Journal back into the global space, an online version of the journal can be accessed on: 

Past editions of the journal (Volume I, Number 1, 1972 to Volume II, Number 2, 1988) are archived on the web and hardcopies are available at the Obafemi Awolowo University Press, Ile-Ife, Nigeria.  

Published: 2019-02-06
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