Interpretations and Responses of Pentecostalism to Àdìmúlà - A Religion of the Yoruba in Nigeria


  • Akinmayowa AKIN-OTIKO


This study examines the Pentecostal interpretation of the teachings and practices found in Yoruba religion (Àdìmúlà) in Nigeria. The study employs Focus Group Discussion (herein FGD) comprising of practitioners of Àdìmúlà, and interviews of seven purposively selected pastors from the major Pentecostal churches. While the FGD centers around the nature and impact of Pentecostalism on Àdìmúlà as a religion, the interviews compare the responses of the Pentecostals and practitioner of Àdìmúlà to six common themes. The data show a misunderstanding of Àdìmúlà by the Pentecostals. The paper attempts to explain the dichotomy between Adimula and Pentecostalism and explore why the Pentecostals interpret and respond to the religions of the Africans the way they do.